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Our Products

The Butcher and His Knife takes the focus on gourmet products even further. We do a variety of homemade sausages Gluten free in natural casings.

We also have many value-added beef products, for example our famous Beef Wellington, Fillet Steak with Smokey Bacon, Honey Mustard and Tasty Cheese wrapped in puff pasty. Twenty to forty minutes in the oven and dinner is ready.

The list goes on pork, chicken, lamb… see our gourmet products listed on our Order Form for our full range of mouth watering delights.

There’s a wide range of specialty products like spatchcock, duck and crocodile fillets. All our Chicken and Pork are free range from the South West of Western Australia.

You can purchase meat in bulk value packs which are a great way to save money. We have a Meat Lovers Pack, a BBQ Pack, a Gourmet Pack and a Family Pack. Check out the Value Packs list opposite to see exactly what's in the packs.

Our Seafood Range

  • Kimberley - Threadfin Salmon Fillets wild caught
  • Kimberley - Barra Fillets wild caught
  • Coffin Bay - Oysters per dozen
  • Exmouth - Prawns raw
  • Exmouth - Tiger Prawns cooked large
  • Exmouth - Prawn Cutlets
  • Exmouth - Prawn Meat
  • Aussie - Squid Tubes

Along with other Seasonal Products